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14 July 2020

We are forever repairing the infrastructure of two old houses, Mom's and ours. Plumbing, electrical, gardening, information technology, you name it.

Orchid. iPhone 6 Plus at f2.2, 1/237 second and ISO 32. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

But now and then, as we answer one alarm or another, we are stopped in our tracks by something, well, beautiful.

This Mother's Day we showed you The Orchid at Mom's as a consolation for a holiday spent sheltering in place.

Today the other shoe drops. This is the other orchid in the same room.

It made such a nice change from replacing the rubber seats in the dripping kitchen faucet and repairing the broken off sprinkler in the lawn irrigation system that we had to take a photo with our smartphone.

We could use an orchid a day.

No rest when we got home. We had to climb the ladder and fend off the spray from gusts of wind to clean off the picture window spoiled by an unusual blizzard of guano (the polite term).

Then we slumped in our office chair (which is used to our slumping and leans a bit to catch us) and remembered our shot of the orchid.

We pulled it up in Photoshop and worked it over pretty good in Camera Raw. Clarity, Texture, Saturation, pulling back the highlights, a more felicitous crop.

Which is exactly the kind of labor we prefer, now that we have a chance to think about it.

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