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OUR CALENDAR includes gallery and museum exhibits as well as other notable events related to photography (with apologies to other artists). To be included, simply use our Submit an Event form or (less efficiently) email editor with your event information.

You can filter the data using the checkboxes and text fields to refine the listing. The mode changes whether a listing must include everything checked (and) or anything checked (or).

The default sort is by closing date but you can also sort by clicking on any column heading. You can sort on either City or State, too. To reverse the sort, just click again.

You can also look though a historical calendar of closed events using the links in the sidebar. An event is moved to the historical calendar in which it closes but well after it closes, so you will find some closed events in the current calendar. Just use the filters to skip them.

(Editor's Note: While we sympathize with the fate of museums during the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to suspend listings here until it is safe for everyone to attend exhibitions again.)

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Mode Exhibits
Event/Exhibit Gallery Opens Closes City | State Description
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Event/Exhibit Gallery Opens Closes City | State Description


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