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1 May 2014

We published another 60 stories in April, which we've just archived as Volume 3, Number 4 of Photo Corners. That includes 14 feature articles, 30 commented news stories, 14 Editor's Notes (including 12 Around The Horn articles with over 48 items), one Site Note and one review (but it was a big one).

Readership has remained steady, spiking in the last week of the month. We still don't have complete figures for April this morning, so we'll leave it at that for the moment.

We're pleased to see how popular our Saturday matinee series has become.

Our most popular news stories were the Camera Raw release and Sony A7S announcement early in the month, according to what numbers we do have. The Horn articles continue to have widespread readership, which the most popular rivaling our top news stories. We think we save you a lot of time (and clicks) with that format and it appears you agree.

The Nachtwey and Wolf matinees lead their category with Karsh climbing rapidly. The Penn matinee is really too new to evaluate. We're pleased to see how popular our Saturday matinee series has become.

Our Lightroom mobile review was not just our most popular review (being the only one this month) but among the most read stories in April.

Among our features stories, the top hits were our Bay Trail slide show and our story about taking your smartphone to the doctor with our Opening Day slide show not far behind. Our Easter photo was right up there with that doctor story, too.

We're cutting things fine, though. Everything gets read but these stories get read a bit more. And always the fewest hits are scored by the most recent stories we've published as you catch up with us at your convenience. Which, you know, is how it's supposed to be.

And now, without further ado, on to May!

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