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1 March 2019

We've just archived Volume 8 Number 2 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 11 Features, 34 commented News stories, 24 Editor's Notes (which included 152 items of interest), two reviews and two site notes for a total of 73 stories.

That included 181 images dispersed over 34 stories. But you already know that because you've been peeking at our story counts. Right?

There were a few surprises this month, though.

READERSHIP numbers, however, remain a mystery to all of us. Once again this month, we lack full reports for each day, this time because of "maintenance" issues with the server, according to support staff at our otherwise reliable ISP.

Considering it's a short month to begin with, losing a day's stats doesn't help. So we are down from January's full accounting over 31 days if matching December's incomplete data over 30.

There were a few surprises this month, though.

TOP STORIES for the month were, as always, a surprise to us. You might think we'd know what was of interest to our readers and what would not be, but, well, you'd be surprised yourself.

We do know that nearly everything we publish is of interest uniformly. Even if our readership spans quite a few interests from newbie to pro. The newest items always score lowest as readers try to keep up with us.

But a few things stand out each month. And this month our review of the Think Tank Retro 7 bags was over twice as popular as our next story. That's surprising in itself because the review was much delayed and, as a consequence, we didn't publicize it much.

Our slide show At The Ballet came in second. That's a surprise too. We wouldn't think iPhone photos (particularly antique iPhone 6 Plus photos) would be interesting, let alone the ballet (even though the slide show was really about the Opera House). But there was just something about the color of those Camera Raw edited images that struck a chord.

Our news story about Bamberger's Hoops followed. It's an unusual project, a series of dramatic images of private and public basketball courts devoid of people. Which may explain it.

That was closely followed by our feature Angry Sky, Happy Clouds about our weather patterns lately. We lost one fence and had to reinforce another after the storms passed through. The black-and-white storm photo and the color clearing about summed up the month.

Our coverage of the Panasonic S lenses and SL system followed, barely beating out our slide show of an old mandolin and the slide show of boats.

It's nice to see the slide shows rank so high. We don't pretend they are art. But we like to think they are at least documentary and, in our more exuberant moments, educational.

WE DID TWEAK the site a bit this month, too. We made our story count public so you can see just how much work we put into Photo Corners each month.

You'd be surprised, we think.

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