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1 September 2019

We've just updated Volume 8, Number 8 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 20 Features, 29 commented News stories, 28 Editor's Notes (which included 187 items of interest), one review and two site notes for a total of 80 stories.

That included 34 stories displaying 165 images and seven stories with gear specifications. We also noted two passings with obituaries.

READERSHIP has remained at historically high levels here. We're serving more pages to more unique sites than ever before.

We've always made an effort to publish something for everyone. It's nice to see more and more people appreciate that if you enjoy photography in any way at all, you'll love Photo Corners.

We've always made an effort to publish something for everyone.

As we pointed out briefly in a Horn last month, our approach to camera and lens reviews is to report new product introductions without an editorial evaluation but with the full specifications in an easy-to-read format.

That makes it easy for you to decide for yourself if new gear meets your standards.

When it comes to more complex products, we spend weeks and sometimes months (even years) testing them in real world situations, reporting our experience in intervals or in one convenient review. It depends.

So some months (like August), we are pretty thin on reviews (although that one review did pack several new books into it). That usually means we're working on longer term reviews that just don't show up in the stats. As we were in August.

OUR LEAD STORIES for the month were two matinees, oddly enough. And a third made it into the top five, beat out only by our Aug. 16 Horn and our Zoning With Zonin piece.

That article featured our month-long use of the Olympus 12-100mm f4 Pro. We didn't review the lens, properly speaking, so there's no danger of being bored when you look over what we did with it.

WE CONTINUE TO FIDDLE with our interactive editing project. We're working on being able to apply infinite edits instead of just two or three before the image goes south. Stay tuned.

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