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20 Jul 2024

Volume 5

Epson FastFoto
→ Arrival
→ Installation → Scanning

Google Photos Evolves

Google PhotoScan

Those Three New Olympus Lenses

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II


The Miops Smart High-Speed Trigger +

Getting Fractured

Adobe Elements 15

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag 13

A New Wrist Strap

Photoshop CC 2015.5

DxO OpticsPro 11

How To Bag A Bag

24/7 Traffic Messenger Bag

Lexar 633x MicroSDXC UHS-I

Custom SLR Slim Strap

3Pod Orbit Tripod


OpticFilm 135
→ Arrival
→ Installation
→ Resolution,
  Color, Operation

→ QuickScan Plus
→ VueScan
→ Conclusion

Exposure X
→ Editing
→ Exporting

Happy New Year!

User Interface Fail

A Christmas Story

The Quality Of Light

An Email Holiday Card

Not Your Ordinary Garden Gnome

It's Always You

Along For The Ride


Happy Thanksgiving

The View East

When Evening Falls

Site Tweak: Affiliate Ads


Veterans Day

SFMOMA Exhibits Japanese Postwar Photography

Over The Rainbow

Swatting A Lightroom Export Bug

Happy Halloween

Classic Battle Green Under Gray Skies

The New MacBook Pro Conundrum

The Art Of Editing


Cruising The Holiday

Baby Pictures

Anthony Hernandez Retrospective

Morning Light

Happy Birthday, Claude!

Turning Over The Camera Odometer

Rags To Rags

Labor Day

Something Completely Different (But Familiar)


At Day's End

Tools Of The Trade

Optimism, Unfathomable Odds

It's Monday (Get Through It)

A Succulent Image

In The Bag

'Are You Being True?'

A Sunday Morning In Bed

Under Construction: Editing An Image

The 'Purple' Cow


Printing A Time Stamp On Photos

Scanning Polachrome

Lips, And The Night Goes

Warning: Twin Peaks Roadway Reconfigured

The Life Expectancy Of Software

Any Questions?

On To El Capitan

Some Days Are Like That

A Photo Finish

Avoiding Digital Eye Strain

Solving That Adobe Generator Problem -- Again

Election Day

The Finals Simulated In Photoshop, OpticsPro

Manikin Working...

Memorial Day

An Asymmetrical City Panorama

Two Old, Inspiring Polaroids

A Mother's Day Treat

Revisiting Two Images

OpticFilm 135 Kodachrome Scans

OpticFilm 135 Ektachrome Scans

Not All Mondays Are The Same

Everyone Has Something To Frame

Keep Shooting

Off The Grid

The Post Processing Post

Crab Season Opens

A Thank You

Revisiting That Golf Course

Another Day At The Office


The Year Of The Monkey

Game On

Super Bowl Week

Something's In The Oven...

Wells Fargo Prime

Alone In The World

Four Of A Kind

A Dog's Life

It's 2016!

The Legion of Honor

Oh, Christmas Tree

The Merry-Go-Round

Over Nevada


Pacific Sunset

Lake Ilsanjo

Big Waves

Imaginary Friends

A Walk In The Rain

The Orchard

Nob Hill

The Blue Angels

Worldwide PhotoWalk

The Urban Jungle

Opera In The Park

Dancing Dahlias

Sierra Point

Union Street

Half Moon Bay

The Minnesota Street Project

The Octagon House

Coyote Point

Original Joe's Westlake

A New Trail

The Bistro

The Garage At Lunch

George Eastman House

Asawa's San Francisco Fountain

Mission Creek

The New Apple Store

People At SFMOMA

The Presidio Cemetery

Pacifica's Palmetto District

The Old Place

Art & The Automobile


Donner Lake

Yosemite Scans

The Fading Bouquets

Bouquets To Art 2016

Fisherman's Wharf

A Walk In The Rain


Rain At The Palace

A Rainy Day

A Long Walk

Street Shooting

The Marina

Super Bowl City

A Liberal Arts College


North Lake Merced

Il Carretto Siciliano

The River In My Backyard

Polaroid, The Magic Material

Focus In Photography

Fifty Paths to Creative Photography

Retro Photo: An Obsession

The Blind Photographer

Understanding Exposure

San Francisco: Portrait of a City Notecards

Dickey Chapelle Under Fire


JFK Lights the Christmas Tree

Jay Maisel

Imogen Cunningham

Giles Duley

Biking The Dolomites

Robert Weingarten's 'Another America'

Portraits Made To Order

Street Photography Awards 2016

The Camera

Photographers' Laboratory

Man With a Camera: The Killer

Richard Bram

Kim Barker

Helene Schmitz

Anthony Hernandez

Ed Ruscha

Carson Lancaster

Michel D'Oultremont

Sebastian Rich

Grace Rawson

Edi Solari

William Albert Allard

Walker Evans

Ara Güler

Rose Marasco

Wilhelm At Iron Mountain

Tom Svensson

Charles Kelly

Ron Corbin

Howard Bingham On Muhammad Ali

Tasneem Alsultan

Luminous Endowment for Photographers

Big Polaroids With Tennyson, Storer, McCann, Tunney

Charles Cramer

David Hurn

Marcus Bleasdale

Julia Margaret Cameron

Cory Richards

Jordan Herschel

Leonard Misonne

Jon Willey

Richard Kelley

Mark Peterson

How USA Today Photographers Shoot The Oscars

Photography in Chinese

Deborah Willis

Candace Plummer Gaudiani

Marc Riboud

Bill Cunningham

Lou Nemeth

Larry Fink

Howard Bingham

Rodney Smith

William Christenberry

Joe Marquette

Tim Mantoani

Nathan Lyons

Marc Riboud

Bill Cunningham

Fan Ho

Charles Kelly

David Gilkey

Malick Sidibe

Bob Adelman

Gary Braasch

Leila Alaoui


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